Online Banking Helpful Hints

Did you know...when you click on your account number, 7 tabs appear.  The detail tab shows recent transactions.  Click on the transaction tab to show a week's transactions, and if you click on the drop down arrow by "This Month", you can access this month's or last month's transactions or put in a date range. 

To change your address, enroll for electronic statements, report a lost or stolen card or reorder checks, click on Support then support center and use the drop down arrow by "choose a form to submit".  You may also send us a message, using the online banking form, to add or delete an account.

With the summer season coming up and you are running kids to ballgames and practices or are on vacation, there is a tab under Settings for alerts.  This is where you can set up an alert to tell you when your balance on your checking or savings is running low.  The alert will be sent to your e-mail address at a time you designate.  You may also set up an alert to give you an available balance on your account.

If you use our online Bill Pay, please watch the delivery by date as you set up your payments. You don't want to be late with a payment. You can also set up recurring payments. Just click on the Create Recurring to the right of your payee. It will ask you to fill in an amount, date, comment, check memo, frequency (monthy or weekly etc.), on (day of week), Holiday (if you want it paid the day before or after), and will this payment series end. Then Submit

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